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John B. Stokes, M.D.
Executive Vice Chair for the Department of Internal Medicine
Director, Division of Nephrology

Dr. Stokes' research addresses the mechanisms whereby ions are translocated across cell membranes and how these processes are regulated. Most recently he has focused on understanding how Na is translocated across the Epithelial Na Channel, (ENaC). This ion channel is composed of three different subunits (alpha, beta, and gamma). Steroid hormones as well as several peptide hormones regulate this ion channel. Mutations of two of these subunits can produce activation of the channel and are responsible for the syndrome of hypertension and hypokalemia called Liddle Syndrome. The regulation of this ion channel is of critical importance in blood pressure regulation and Na and K homeostasis. The molecular interactions responsible for this regulation are being unraveled and structural proteins and kinases responsible for proper functioning of the channel are being studied. In addition to mineralocorticoid hormones, long-term regulation of this channel is influenced by such agents as transforming growth factor-b and oxygen. Understanding how these factors can influence ion channels may have relevance for cardiovascular disease and cancer. His laboratory is also studying TRPM6, one of two known proteins that is both an ion channel and a kinase. Genetic defects in this molecule cause the syndrome hypomagnesemia with secondary hypocalcemia (HSH).  Methods used in Dr. Stokes' laboratory include electrophysiology of model epithelial monolayers, heterologous expression in Xenopus oocytes, overexpression of proteins using adenovirus, structural alteration with functional analysis, immunofluorescence, genetic engineering and targeting, and biochemical analyses of second messengers.

Dr Stokes is involved with several clinical research activities. He coordinates the University of Iowa site of a clinical trial on Nocturnal Dialysis, a NIH-sponsored study examining the effects of intensive dialysis on patients with End Stage Renal Disease. This study is designed to evaluate effects on hospitalization, quality of life, and cardiovascular complications in patients on dialysis. He also directs an ancillary study to this trial investigating the effects of intensive dialysis on cognitive function. Dr. Stokes also chairs the Steering Committee for ASSESS-AKI, a multicenter study to analyze the outcomes and prognosis of patients who survive an episode of acute kidney injury.


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Recent Publications

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