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U.S. Patent Serial No. 6,466,687, issued Oct. 15, 2002
“Method and Apparatus for Analyzing CT Images to Determine the Presence of Pulmonary Tissue Pathology”

U.S. Patent Application No. 10/251,446, filed Sept. 20, 2002
“Methods and Apparatuses for Analyzing Images”

U.S. Patent Application No. 10/777,764, filed Feb. 12, 2004 (UIRF #03029)
“Methods and Devices for Analyzing Color Medical Images”

U.S. Prov. Patent Application No. 60/568,184, filed May 5, 2004 (UIRF #04063)
“Methods and Devices for Labeling and/or Matching”

U.S. Prov. Patent Application No. 60/652,695, filed Feb. 14, 2005 (UIRF #04074)
“Methods of Smoothing Segmented Regions in Medical Images Using Anatomic Guidance”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04036
“Methods for Identification of Surgically Accessible and Inaccessible Lung Regions”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04037
“Method of Accessment of Lung Disease Using Low Attenuation Cluster Statistics”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04045
“Method for Segmentation and Display of Lung Lobar Fissures”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04046
“Multimodality Integrated Synergistic Endoscope”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04062
“Method for Automated Segmentation of Intrathoracic Airway Trees and Vascular Tees from Volumetric Image Data”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04075
“Anatomically Indexed Method for Displaying and Managing Endoscopic Image Data”

UIRF Disclosure No. 04076
“Novel Method of Lung Densitometry”

UIRF Disclosure No. 05029
“Methods and Apparatus to Derive a Pulmonary Atlas (model) from Computed Tomography (CT Images)”

UIRF Disclosure No. 05030
“Methods and Apparatus for Lung Cancer Detection and Therapeutic Assessment Using a Pulmonary Atlas (model)”

UIRF Disclosure No. 05058
“Method for Emphysema Treatment Planning”

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