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Lawrence P. Karniski, M.D.

Research has concentrated on understanding the mechanisms of anion transport across epithelial cells and their role in genetic disease. Defects in the PDS gene have been implicated in the development of Pendred syndrome, a congenital disease characterized by deafness and goiter. His lab identified the function of the PDS gene product as a chloride/iodide/formate anion exchanger and determined how defects in the protein lead to the clinical manifestations of Pendred syndrome. Defects in the DTD gene cause Diastrophic Dysplasia, a congenital disease with mild-to-severe bone development abnormalities. The DTD gene product is a sulfate/chloride exchanger and we have identified the relationship of the gene mutations to variations in disease severity.

Dr. Karniski has served at the Training Program Director in Nephrology since 2006. In this capacity, he is involved in both recruiting nephrology fellows and ensuring that the training environment provides the fellows with a rewarding experience, enabling them to pursue their practice in either the academic or private sector.

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